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View Diary: "Nuclear? What nuclear?" Richard Register on why we don't need all that power in the first place (21 comments)

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    it probably depends on what it is that we produce. I think in order to create these more sustainable cities we'll have to invest and produce more in everything from wind power to daylighting creeks, so I agree. I just don't think we can afford to keep increasing our prodcution of things that perpetuate the problem. For example, I think there are enough cars in the world and we need to find ways and incentives for car makers to invest in and produce in other technologies that are more in sync with an ecologically balanced design and economy.

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      freedom an until people begin to understand that they are enslaved by them there is no way to curb their use.

      Thanks again. I'll post this to the group. If you write more on this or any science or technical subject let me know, or I can add you to the contributor list if you'd like.

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