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View Diary: Rep. Ed Markey: "We're in Libya because of oil" (134 comments)

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  •  Money trumps people. (2+ / 0-)
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    People are under the delusion that the UN cares more about the interests of people than about the interests of the global oligarchy. The UN (just like our government) is oligarch-controlled. The reason there has been no UN call for regime change is, the oil cartels would rather deal with one dictator (who will “open the spicket”) than with a bunch of militant Libyan rebels who would want a share of their nations resources (like we’re not getting in the Gulf of Mexico). The UN isn’t going to rock the boat (i.e. call for regime change) as long as Gaddafi controls the Libyan oil infrastructure. The rules are different for high-resource areas (i.e. the populations really don’t count).
    The only way Gaddafi could really mess up is if he pulls a Saddam and starts cutting off the flow of oil.

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