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View Diary: Rep. Ed Markey: "We're in Libya because of oil" (134 comments)

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  •  I posted Gaddafi's linkage to ENI (0+ / 0-)

    ENI is a special case w/ Gaddafi that goes back decades as your links show. Gaddafi and Italy have more of a quid pro quo than any other nation.

    Gazprom (Russia) is another quid pro quo as Russia wants to tie up the EU gas markets and had sold Gaddafi $1.8 billion arms deal w/ another $4 billion on table.

    On the other hand, several US oil companies have decided to not renew contracts because Gaddafi was asking for more money. (See wiki leaks re Petro Canada on above link)
    Oct 6, 2010

    American Chevron and Occidental Petroleum (Oxy) have not renewed oil and gas exploration licenses in Libya. A statement to that effect was circulated by the national oil corporation.
    In addition, foreign businesses had to deal with numerous hurdles from Libya’s leadership. And on top of all that, a license extension requires millions of dollars in funds.

    Will these oil companies get better deals from the National Council? Maybe they knew something was afoot beforehand?

    The only reason Gaddafi stayed in power so long is because he was no other nation's puppet dictator. He played one on the other, switching sides and causes to his advantage.

    But, the moment he bucked the WTO and IMF it was game over for him. He was also making overtures in selling his oil off the petro-dollar (like Iraq and Iran did).

    These factors and many more point to the western powers need to replace him. Big business trumps humanitarian issues.

    It seems the multinationals are waging a proxy war within Libya for it's goodies and they want Gaddafi out because he won't continue to play their game like they had expected him to do when the sanctions were lifted.

    Now, with all of Libya's military equipment destroyed, the multinationals can come in and make new and bigger deals with a new government.

    The multinationals, including oil, are in a win-win position with the toppling of Saddam. They get money to destroy and they get money to rebuild. The price of oil goes up as an added benefit.

    Also, the World Bank, WTO and IMF will get their way with the new National Council. Just watch what happens in the coming years.

    The last thing the western powers want is a viable democratic socialistic country. The name of the game is neoliberalism. You can now see it playing out in Madison, Wis. and other places in the US.

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