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  •  How about voting just not to go backward (0+ / 0-)

    Right now the status quo, as imperfect as it is, is in danger...and not for the good. I agree about the disappointments of this President. He promised us hope and gave us a lot less. But if we blamed Bush for what we thought was wrong we were naive. Bush was a figurehead for a much more powerful and sinister problem and no single man can change that. Not in two years and most likely not in eight. So no, we aren't going to get a lot of change. But we sure as hell don't need to go backward which is what a vote for the other side will do. Or no vote.  Reproductive rights, education, unions, campaign finance, all in real danger of going backward decades if not centuries.

    And though I am more than disappointed one hopeful thing did happen to me today. My retired parents were advising my uninsured daughter to forgo additional testing recommended by her doctor for fear that a diagnosis now would mean a lifetime of being uninsurable. It's not anywhere near perfect and it's nothing like I expected, but it was nice to think that if we don't go backward, she doesn't have to worry about a pre-existing condition. Not voting will take even that away.  

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