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View Diary: Flushing the "Bathroom Bill" Fear Once and For All (20 comments)

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  •  Dear God make it stop... (0+ / 0-)

    I live near the Rio complex mentioned in the diary.

    A twisted bathroom obsession has gripped this community for years. Everything that tweaks the cons gets interpreted to how it will play out in the bathroom.

    I've literally gotten robocalls on potential bathroom train wrecks for years.

    It makes me a crazy person and not in the way that the callers would hope.

    I and hundreds of my friends and acquaintances are not quivering fools waiting to be swayed by specious arguments about someone trying to spy my pee-pee in the fucking locker room.

    Yes, I am all for getting back in the faces of those fear-mongers in the strongest way possible. If they start up with the robocalls again, rest assured that I will file complaints of receiving calls of an obscene and harassing nature.

    I just hope they don't confront me at the grocery store. I am well-known to light up the local anti-tax assholes every chance I get. (Locals reading this will know the name Robin Ficker and may share my pride of having personally gotten nose-to-nose with the loudmouth prick a few times...perhaps proving that I'm a loudmouth prick too, but I require provocation, I'm otherwise completely peaceful and harmless).

    But back to the bathroom. Yes, God, please, please, please make this stop. This is a reliably left-leaning electorate. We deserve better than scatological demagoguery.

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