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View Diary: Thank god for evolution!: Religion may become extinct (112 comments)

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  •  Performance in Science and Math (3+ / 0-)
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    Seven countries (Australia, Canada, Finland, Japan, New Zealand, South Korea, and the United Kingdom) had higher scores in both mathematics and science.

    This is grade and secondary school performance relative to the US, as measured by the National Assessment of Educational Progress (NAEP). It's interesting that there is significant overlap in the two sets of nations.

    It really comes down to commitment to science, essentially an objective methodology to determine truth. Organized religion involves faith in unprovable and preposterous events. You can partition your brain if you want, but when you base action decisions on religion you are potentially a danger to yourself and society.

    Moral behavior is a result of 100,000 years of social evolution for our species. There are certain universal moral behaviors along with specific moral behavior for these times and places. Organized religion is a separate plane of morality that sometimes overlaps with our natural plane of morality and sometimes not. Where it does it's of no additional value and where it doesn't it's dangerous, as an example the command to reproduce without limit.

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