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View Diary: "Are you calling me a liar?" - Colmes makes Coulter whither. (181 comments)

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  •  Personal attacks, gender, and Ann Coulter (3.80)
    I'm sorry, but the primary tool Coulter has successfully used is attacking people PERSONALLY. Now she's even gone further w/ implying that violence is a legitimate tool for coping w/ dissenting opinion. To a large extent, she's gained her following by demonizing and labeling people who share beliefs different from hers and her audience. She had effectively used tactics are designed to intimidate her opposition....and she's done it using their own ideals against them. Here's why....

    This tactic obviously WORKS and I think should NOT be off limits in dealing w/ a person who's successfully used it against others. Coulter should be held to her own litums tests....does SHE live up to the standards that she's trying to bash others w/? If not, she should be EXPOSED as the liar and slanderer she is.

    Yes...I DO think her gender comes into play here too. Personally I think because she's a woman, she's been given far more leeway than a man saying the same things. People are far more likely to handle her w/ kid skinned gloves than someone like say Rush or O'Reilly. I think the right wing has successfully used her status as a "minority" voice to get their agenda across in a form that makes people squeamish to go into full out attack mode. The same goes for Black, Latino, Asian wingers. They have used gender/race as a SHIELD to hide behind in espousing views that would be seriously questioned coming from a White male.

    Ann Coulter has actually used one of the most treasured ideals of liberals, ie political correctness, as a stick to bash them over the head w/ me, anything about Ann is fair game because she's decided to move out of the realm of political discussion/debate into wholesale smearing and demonizing of people for their beliefs. Her statements, unlike many of her male counterparts, have even implied or stated violence is a tatic that's legitimate against people who's politics differ from hers. This is fucking outrageous....yet, perhaps a form of reverse (and perverse) sexism gets her off the hook. Guess this less of a threat coming from a woman than a man?!

    I'm not the least bit squeamish about giving Ann a dose of her own medicine, considering her success in reaching the masses. She should be held to the same standards she demands, be they high or low, for others. She should be exposed as hiding behind being female to get away w/ saying things that would be strongly denounced coming from a male.

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