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View Diary: "Are you calling me a liar?" - Colmes makes Coulter whither. (181 comments)

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  •  Why Ann?! (none)
    Don't understand why folks even waste their time on her - I just don't get the attraction, other than in the Jerry Springer slug-fest sense.

    The attraction for some people is that she is, to some, an attractive woman saying provocative things! It's not everyday that people see a woman like her in attack dog mode saying things many of them feel, people are more used to the balding middle aged White guy.....she's a rather unique commodity in the present media market. The fact that she iS a fiesty chick just adds to it. I'd bet the farm that Most of Fox's audeince is male, White, and middle aged......that explains alot of Coulter's popularity.

    Fox seems to delibrately choose people who fit certain culturally accepted ideas of attractiveness (think E.D. Hill)...they know novelty (Coulter) and physical attractiveness (Hill and even perhaps Hannity) bring in viewers. IOW, these folks put asses in chairs.

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