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View Diary: Mural depicting Labor in Maine ordered removed from Dept. of Labor Building (307 comments)

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  •  Damn right (27+ / 0-)

    The real problem is that these business somehow see fair labor practices as antithetical to the successes of their business. That's just sick (but not surprising).

    Instead of caving in to this ignorance, the acting commissioner should be engaging in an education campaign about why this attitude from business is just plain wrong. That would do far more good.

    •  When I hear people like that, (8+ / 0-)

      I tell 'em: Tough.  If you can't make an honest buck running your business fairly and ethically, then you're not cut out for business.

      •  And, nominalize, and they will never understand (0+ / 0-)

        art and what the human condition and spirit is capable of.  I can't even say I feel sorry for them because they have missed out on a very essential part of life, as well as lived an unexamined life at that, who a true genius once called a true waste, and not worth living.

    •  Labor Peace is a lie. (4+ / 0-)

      As soon as they run out of other ways to make money they will come back for us.  It's been coming for 40 years and it's impossible to pretend otherwise anymore.

      •  And what happened in almost every decade (1+ / 0-)
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        of the twentieth century?  The people were so unfairly outnumbered, yet never gave up!  It's just too bad that we have to collectively forget what these greedy fukfaces keep resurfacing in the names of their forbears with the same greedy plots and summaries.  

         Some idiots of those clans even get elected President through some impractical ways of cheating, with bitter fools like karl rove and his math that is all deception and no validation.  And Fox No-News pays him like a guru to talk bullshit to those fools who believe anything.  

        Ironically, Karl Rove's biggest regret is that he never received an honest degree from an accredited University.  How is that not surprising?  But then again we'll probably see him on dancing with the stars, or some pseudo east coast rap tragedy with david gregory and chuck todd-snod!

      •  Damn straight. (1+ / 0-)
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        Capitalists have been carefully, quietly, yet relentlessly continuing their war against workers since our "truce" was declared in the years following WWII.  Only the workers stopped fighting.

        And look at where that's gotten us.

        Fortunately, I think you're right.  It is becoming increasingly impossible for people to pretend that the "peace" is anything but a lie.  Workers all over this country are rediscovering the truth of the words that appear at the beginning of the Preamble to the Constitution of the Industrial Workers of the World:

        The working class and the employing class have nothing in common.  There can be no peace so long as hunger and want are found among millions of the working people, and the few, who make up the employing class, have all the good things of life.

        Between these two classes a struggle must go on until the workers of the world organize as a class, take possession of the means of production, abolish the wage system, and live in harmony with the earth.

        Between excessive citizen activism and excessive trust or passivity, the former is far preferable to the latter. - Glenn Greenwald

        by An Affirming Flame on Wed Mar 23, 2011 at 09:42:24 AM PDT

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        •  I just wish the union leadership would realize it (1+ / 0-)
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          An Affirming Flame

          They seem to be the only people on our side who are against a general strike under any circumstances.  They're completely willing to accept defeat.  They're pathetic.

          I'm glad you mentioned the IWW.  They've printed thousands of these:

          and have been trying to maintain a presence in Madison, which is tough because there aren't many (maybe 1000 in the world; even at its peak the IWW was never more than 5% of the workforce).  Remember that tractorcade the other weekend?  Organized by a Wobbly.  They're about to do a quick tour of the region (Wisconsin + Minneapolis and Chicago) and are definitely all about making sure the union leaders follow the will of the people to fight using ALL of our weapons.

          There's no illusion that this is The Revolution or anything like that; but only for a lack of understanding of what is possible, which the IWW is trying to take this opportunity to provide.

          FW 365532

          •  Solidarity from one Wobbly to another ;-) (1+ / 0-)
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            We know the trade unions' leadership are always going to try to rein in the militancy of the workers and channel it into useless campaigns within the system, like recalls.  We have to fight to keep that militancy alive and encourage it, further it.  Hopefully the workers (union and non-union) can lead a groundswell for more radical, industrial action - and then the unions' leadership can either jump on the bandwagon or get swept aside.

            Between excessive citizen activism and excessive trust or passivity, the former is far preferable to the latter. - Glenn Greenwald

            by An Affirming Flame on Wed Mar 23, 2011 at 03:44:09 PM PDT

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    •  Those (0+ / 0-)

      people will be in for a big surprise when this all collapses.

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