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View Diary: Empirical Evidence That Proves Conservatism is Destroying America (264 comments)

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  •  My theory is that good skiing saves us (3+ / 0-)

    But Utah does pretty good on divorce rates, health and education.

    The fact that we have the world's best skiing and snowboarding overcomes our conservatism.

    •  I don't have vast experience of Mormons. (1+ / 0-)
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      But they do seem to me to be a different animal than your average Bible-thumping conservatives.  I would not be surprised to find Mormons as a whole to be better educated and financially better off than Bubba in Mississippi.

      •  Catholics that don't ski much (1+ / 0-)
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        Freakinout daily

        Utah has had one of the largest percentage increases in Latino immigrants.

        Immigrants tend to be younger & healthier.  Up until 2008, we had lots of construction jobs here & you can't be too fat and work construction.

        But once in a while when I'm up skiing, I will hear "Andale, wey!"

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