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View Diary: Breaking news - Case sent to state Supreme Court - Wisconsin DA Shows Sham Of GOP Anti-Union Law (107 comments)

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  •  thanks, i'd say you're very good with legalese! (16+ / 0-)

    yeah, it would be horrible precedent politically because the GOP just created a new committee as a "workaround" the legislative process that required by constitution a quorum that was defeated when the dems left the state.

    and horrible legal precedent too. I'm in california and we have, like many states, an open meeting law. In wisconsin, it was the lawmakers that drafted their law, and courts have held that they must comply with the law, and now these lawmakers want an exemption essentially from the notice requirements etc. that they just blew off so that they could ram this bill through the senate, assembly and governor, and now want to have the law published so it will become effective.

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    by Patriot Daily News Clearinghouse on Thu Mar 24, 2011 at 12:24:57 AM PDT

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    •  LOL! I may be just good at (13+ / 0-)

      knowing people are being screwed. I think it comes from organizer training. You figure out how to translate it in a way that makes people angry because you're trying to encourage action.

      This committee concerns me as well. I'm gonna have to try to understand more about this workaround committee because that's worrying. I have no idea if this is something they can get away with but it seems unconstitutional somehow. What the hell is this committee's power if they can operate outside of statutes that protect people? The laws they pass affect the people, don't they? They aren't voting on the color of the senate baseball team jersey, for chrissake.

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      by GenXangster on Thu Mar 24, 2011 at 12:49:02 AM PDT

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