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View Diary: I will NOT kill myself the way my father did because writing WILL save my life again (180 comments)

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    Sneelock, MinistryOfTruth

    I have always liked that quiet guy sitting all alone, writing or reading.

    Your story is heartbreaking and inspiring and is still being written.

    I want your book. I'm gonna get my kids' dad to get it for me. I'm gonna tell him that I want my nearly 19 year old son to read it. His dad thinks he's spoiled or at least uncalloused and sheltered to the point of vulnerability or incompetence and dad's on the hook for signing college loans for the next 4 years. And nervous.

    The reason I need for him to get it is because I was screwed out of any kind of good credit standing by student loans and when I tried to pay them back, they screwed me up in the chex system, purposely drawing from an account that I told them was no longer open. I refuse to give the bank $400 until I get so much money, I'll never miss it. Hence, no credit cards and no debit and no online buying unless I get my kids' dad to get it for me. My bf is just a luddite. He'd never order anything online. I never regret not having cards until I see something like this.

    Nobody does money orders or western union but I could do that, too. It's up to you. Either, I call him tomorrow and get it to you through paypal or through more archaic methods but I'd like that book.

    Thanks for sharing your story, MoT.

    "Warm smell of Moulitsas rising up in the air..." -seanwright

    by GenXangster on Thu Mar 24, 2011 at 09:36:55 PM PDT

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