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  •  Exact same story w/Macys v. the MA Consumer Agency (11+ / 0-)

    Massachusetts has a very strict item pricing law, by which a store can be fined if they try charging you more than the marked or scanned price.  Last fall, I had an incident where Macy's not only overcharged me for an item, but when I went back to register to get the price difference back, the original cashier hassled the cashier who was making the refund.  I contacted the store, and some dweeb called me and told me all the wonderful things they did that would preclude me being charged the wrong price.  He was unable to explain why their "precautions" did not work, and in the end determined that the burden of ensuring that advertised prices were charged was solely on the consumer.

    I sent a letter and the copies of receipts to the Massachusetts office for consumer protection, as well as to Macy's corporate office.  Within a week I had a professional, personal letter back from the state office telling me that on the basis of the information I had provided, they had issued a citation and $100 fine to Macy's.

    A month later, I got a letter from Macy's corporate office telling me that they would look into my complaint, but wanted to send a interim letter "quickly" to let me know it was being investigated.  A month after that, I got another letter telling me that it is not Macy's policy to overcharge customers, and they have referred the matter back to the local store manager (who happened to be the dweeb who I complained about in the letter).  I guess they wanted him to give himself a stern talking to!

    I called back the automaton who sent the letters and left a message that I hoped they would invest the millions of dollars and years of training so that one day Macy's could offer the same professionalism and level of service as the government.

    I love me the office of consumer protection, and I believe in the power of the government to make the world a better place.

    Revenge is a dish best served on White House china.

    by RickBoston on Sat Mar 26, 2011 at 07:13:38 AM PDT

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