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View Diary: The Class War That's Not and an Honest Man's Last NYT Column (100 comments)

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    Women entered the work force and globalization kicked in.  Not saying that elites didn't participate - obviously Nixon helped kick of globalization but the American workers left themselves wide open because they were already deep in denial.  Otherwise Carter's peak oil concerns would not have hit such deaf ears.

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      It was only in the early post WWII era that women stayed home in greater numbers.  And a lot of women going to work in the 1970s were inspired by the Women's Movement - like our mothers we graduated from college and went to work, the difference is we didn't quit when we had kids.  We had (have) careers.  But huge numbers of women without a college degree have always worked to keep their family afloat.

      The increasing acceptability of divorce during the same era had an effect as well.  We all know that stat that women's income plummets after divorce.

      Globalization, yes.  Women working, not so much.

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