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View Diary: Wisconsin universities form unions despite Scott Walker's union-busting (54 comments)

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  •  This is so anecdotal, but made my day. (15+ / 0-)

    We were in a known Republican area shopping today and I was wearing my newly acquired Feingold for Governor pin on my coat today.  I was a bit nervous, because the area is known to be pretty red, but I felt like I had to take a stand so I left the pin on my coat today.  I was being waited on by a nice women who pointed at my pin and said, "Boy am I with you on that!  I just signed the petition to recall Alberta Darling yesterday.  I've been looking and looking for a place to sign and I was driving by a grocery store parking lot and there was a TEACHER and her daughter out in the wind and cold.  I turned around as fast as I could and ran out of my car to sign!"  I was so pleasantly surprised by the interaction.  I know it's just one person.  But if anything, I expected, given the area we were in, it would have been the opposite.  

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      Thanks for sharing this.  Even though it's just one story, it says so much.  It says those hopeful, brave and committed citizens standing out in the cold with petitions to recall are so needed and appreciated.  "I ran out of my car to sign."  Lots of passionate belief here.  And though it was one woman, I know there's plenty enough who feel like her to get this recall done.

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        She really put the emphasis on RAN, too.  I mean, she was like she'd have walked over hot coals.  She was passionate about it.  I really was surprised and quite frankly surprised nobody said anything negative to me all day.

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