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    stolen water

    You know...occasionally it IS justified. Our intervention in Somalia was extremely welcome there and was 90% successful at the point where Congress balked and forced Clinton to pull out. I talked to Somalis afterwards and they were horrified that we pulled out and left us to the mercy of the warlords and jihadists.

    And now in Lybia, for once in god knows how long, we are popular. From BBC news:

    The air strikes appear to have allowed the rebels to finally turn the tide on Col Gaddafi's forces in the east, and reverse their earlier losses...

    Some of the celebrating rebels chanted "Thank you, Obama", "Thank you, Cameron" - references to the US president and British prime minister.

    Rebel forces then moved towards Brega.

    Sometimes military force is justified. Problem is we have so majorly misused and overused our military under Bush that now everyone is suspicious.

    I think we have to keep in mind that the intention here is similar to the intention in Bosnia and Kosovo: limited use of force by the West to allow people on the ground their chance. If we keep it at that I think we're good.

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    by mole333 on Sat Mar 26, 2011 at 03:38:02 PM PDT

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