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  •  A Quarter of a Million People Protested..... (9+ / 0-)

    in London today.  Mounting dissatisfaction over harsh cuts in education, healthcare, pensions, environment, benefits & quality of life is spreading thruout the world.

    Wisconsin is not alone.  People have had it.  Really, truly had it.  The young are realizing that elected officials are not safeguarding the world they will inherit.  People in their 20s & 30s are tuned into the environmental damage that is occurring on a daily basis while politicians babble about Climategate & manufacture data to dispute global warming.  

    Parents are worried about overcrowded classrooms & good teachers being driven out of the field because people like Scott Walker & John Kasich are determined to make them second class citizens.

    The protests are just getting started.  And so are the recalls.  Wisconsin has set the standard.  Not to worry.  Taking to the street feels great.

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