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  •  Have been looking into this as well (2+ / 0-)
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    majcmb1, Edger

    Seems like there is a fairly close social relationship in the East of Libya with Islamic militants. But don't believe me the US State Department discussed Libya in the leaked cables:

    Via Wikileaks

    "... is the pride that many eastern Libyans, particularly those in and around Dernah, appear to take in the role their native sons have played in the insurgency in Iraq … [and the] ability of radical imams to propagate messages urging support for and participation in jihad."

    The so-called Sinjar Records also point to Eastern Libya heavily involved in the Iraq insurgency. (For those who don't know what the Sinjar Records are, they were a trove of Al Qaeda documents obtained by the US Military in Iraq 2007).

    The Sinjar records showed that while most foreign Al Qaeda fighters that travelled into Iraq came from Saudi Arabia, Libya had the highest per capita amount of fighters travelling to Iraq and that most of these came from Eastern Libya (now the rebel stronghold).

    On one last point one of the rebel commanders in Libya, Abdul Hakim Al Hasadi, told an Italian newspaper in an interview recently that he had experience fighting in Afghanistan. When asked whether he supported Bin Laden he replied that he condemns any attacks on civilians but that Bin Laden "has alot of good points".

    So certainly alot of questions need to be asked about the Libyan opposition, not all of them are idealistic young human rights activists since that group of people rarely launch assaults into enemy territories.

    In my mind the Libyan opposition consists of a varied group of:

    1) Sensussi tribesmen that want a return of the monarchy that Gaddaffi overthrew and makeup the largest tribe in Benghazi.

    2) Young Unemployed people and Human rights activists that make up the Feb 17th Movement.

    3) Islamists from Darnah and the surronding region (just further of west of Benghazi). Alot of these affiliated to the Islamic Movement for Change and also Al Qaeda in the Maghreb) who were brutally repressed under Gaddaffi's secret police for the last 2 decades.

    4) Defected members of Gaddaffi's military (probably numbering 8,000) according to a front page story on Foreign

    Non Violence is fine... so long as it works. - Malcolm X

    by Dr Marcos on Sat Mar 26, 2011 at 03:24:55 PM PDT

    •  If Gaddafi is their Cromwell... (1+ / 0-)
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      ... His time is still up.

      A Catholic, Jew, Muslim and Buddhist walk into Al Aqsa Mosque. Buddhist immediately exclaims: "excuse me I appear to be in the wrong joke."

      by Salo on Sat Mar 26, 2011 at 03:44:47 PM PDT

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