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    There are white people in Latin America. There are Asians in Latin America. There are Black people in Latin America. Argentina and Uruguay are both whiter percentage wise than the United States is. Costa Rica, Panama and Peru have large White and Asian populations. Brazil is easily the world's most mixed and diverse country, and has the largest population of Italians, Lebanese, Syrians, Portuguese and Japanese outside of their respective countries. Brazil and Colombia also have very large, very culturally influential African populations, with Brazil having the most Africans outside of Africa, and the second most Africans of any country on Earth (only behind Nigeria.) Can we please stop pretending that Latin America is 99% Mestizo, it is ignoring the contributions of Asian, Black and White Latin Americans, whether Spanish or Portuguese speaking.

    Kto przeżyje wolnym będzie, kto umiera, wolny już!

    by bozepravde15 on Sun Mar 27, 2011 at 10:16:41 PM PDT

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