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    It is to laugh whenever we read of the Founders as if they were a carefully coordinated drill team. The Federalist monologues were written primarily by a wealthy adopted New Yorker who was to go far towards implementing the corporate culture in America. He saw the national prestige of a strong centralized unit, whereas Jefferson, Paine, and Pat Henry preferred a loose assortment of individuals.
    Had a Free Press been in effect in 1787-8, we would never have seen a Constitution such as we have. The document was favored by the wealthy lords who held the bonds they wanted repaid at face value and lived in the cities on the coast, whereas 90% of the citizenry lived in the rural west.
    Oh, you want to know the "thinking" behind the Bill of Rights? It was strictly a bone tossed to the republicans who objected to the document as it stood, which was most of the states. It was feared by Madison, who squired an assortment of objections (winnowed through an American Idol negotiation process) into a Top Ten, et al, that the dissidents might well be able to call a Constitutional Convention, which might well undo all the work of the Federalists.

    "Parenting resembles politics in that what you must do to land the job in no way qualifies you to perform it." - Woesong

    by Timus on Sun Mar 27, 2011 at 01:31:39 PM PDT

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