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View Diary: Dems prepared to meet GOP halfway, but Republicans still predict shutdown (144 comments)

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    in 1975, and protests began in May 1963? Yeah, I would call 12 years too long to be called "effective", given the number of men, women, and children that were killed, maimed, etc. in that interim. Heck, Tet was in 1968, which spurred Walter Cronkite famously to lose faith in the war effort, and it still took another 5 years to get most of the US out. It took less time for us to win the Pacific theatre's part of WW2 . . .
    (Btw, I was born in 1962, so no, I am not too young to remember Oliver North. You are probably too young, though, to remember how popular Nixon was outside the confines of the left, though. Look up the 1972 election results . . .)

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