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View Diary: (x1 Update!) Wisconsin Chaos: Attorney General's Motion to Withdraw DENIED! (197 comments)

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  •  here is another source...ACLU Madison (4+ / 0-)

    with a couple other tweets showing the judge is really making sure they understand not to mess with her now:

    #    Sumi chastises anyone acting in "willful defiance" of a TRO. Could face punishments. Further implementation of Act 10 is enjoined.     2 minutes ago  via TweetDeck

    # Sumi says she dismayed that even with simple fix for this conflict (open mtgs issue), parties are pursuing litigation at taxpayers' expense. 4 minutes ago via TweetDeck

    # Sumi: language on stopping publication was either misunderstood or ignored, further implementation of Act 10 is enjoined for now.

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