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  •  Welcome Tom for today and tomorrow (1+ / 0-)
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    Glad to see you becoming more active at KOS. Welcome, welcome, welcome to you and your kick-ass art.
    I also hope this encourages you to more expansion to new mediums as well as letting us enjoy your talent here.
    If wealth and fame have any allure, the SIMPSONS are a seductive example. Both animated movies and TV shows are potential huge money-makers and the new computer softwares make the actual labor-intensive side of animation cheaper all the time, plus we need some popular lefty counter to the ultra-right AM stations. Cartoons are easy to grasp and hard to overlook. For starters I would love a 5 - 45 min. short cartoon of Sparky teaching a smart but clueless straight-guy (friendly alien?open-minded tea-partier?) about the facts on the ground in modern AmeriKa.
    Just one important favor ... please don't let it steal/steel your soul, or corrupt your politics... instead maybe we can inspire Groening to rediscover the biting insight of "Life in Hell", and turn away from the Fox side of the force.

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