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View Diary: Democrats, Progressives and Class War Denialism (165 comments)

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  •  You haven't specifically said that all the saved (0+ / 0-)

    money is going into charity.

    I don't think activism, even "very confrontational activism" really replaces cold hard cash.

    I will freely admit I'm not one of you.

    My employer has had to cut my salary 30%.  I've told him that then I need to cut my hours 30%.  I've got a 20 hour per week consulting gig lined up (so I'll be working 52 hours / week) at a substantially higher hourly rate than my pro-rated salary from my employer so I'm coming up roses - nearly doubling my income.

    A bit is going into a larger place and an au-pair since I won't be able to help as much with our children.  The rest is going straight into a bank account in case one or both jobs disappear.

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