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View Diary: GOP congresswoman to Democrats: 'Stop talking about jobs' (127 comments)

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    should be supporting any reductions in domestic discretionary spending at this time if they give a rat's ass about jobs.  Domestic discretionary spending is not the cause of the deficit.  Hasn't been for ages.  It is out of control military spending, out of control medical expenses and the Bush tax cuts.  Period.  There is no need, none to cut non-defense discretionary spending particularly at this time when any such cuts will necessarily result in a reduction in jobs.  Period.  And the democratic party, if we truly had a democratic party worthy of the name would never sign off on such a policy under these conditions when the people the broad majority of the population according to every opinion poll is against this course of action.

    But instead, we have a bunch of pansy ass motherfuckers who have already sceded the debate to the wrong side.  The side that is on the wrong side of public opinion.  Why is that?  Corruption, plain and simple.  The system is rigged and everyone with an IQ above 13 can see it at this point.  The press is bought and paid for.  The Supreme Court is captured.  The whole stinking system is rotten to core.  THere is no democracy left.  It is a hollow shell.  An empty reality show.  How fitting that Donald Trump is now being touted as a contender for President.

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