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View Diary: BREAKING: U.S. Set to Invade Syria Any Day Now (74 comments)

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  •  another invasion? (none)
    Truly, I do not understand HOW THAT WOULD BE POSSIBLE.  Where the hell are the troops going to come from?  I know the draft rumor, but it seems highly unlikely that a draft could find enough support.  Obviously we're stretched too thin as it is in Iraq/Afghanistan -- barring a miraculous rise in enlistment, I don't think this can happen.
    •  Draft wouldn't help (none)
      The draft wouldn't help, any more than privatisation would "solve" Social Security's "problems."  First, it would take months to get the draft through Congress and get it implemented.  Second, it would take too long to train and deploy all the new troops.  Third, from what I've heard the Pentagon is opposed to the draft. They don't want a bunch of unmotivated conscripts. They like the volunteer troops, with their higher level of motivation. And considering the time and money it takes to train soldiers now, it would be foolish to start up the draft unless we were seriously threatened (such as WWII).

      In loving memory: Sophie, June 1, 1993-January 17, 2005. My huckleberry friend.

      by Paul in Berkeley on Tue Mar 01, 2005 at 08:20:34 PM PST

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