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View Diary: BREAKING: U.S. Set to Invade Syria Any Day Now (74 comments)

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  •  As Karl Marx saw capitalism as something (none)
    beneficial and progressive to places like India where it would breakdown feudal structures, I say that we all support (vigorously) any war against Syria and/or Iran. This will be the quickest and most effective way to crack open the hollow shell of empire and expose it. Once another disaster is added on to the Iraq debacle, it will all tip over. The American empire is built on sand.  By promoting these objectives, we can get back to focusing on important domestic issues, and the rest of the world will be much better off once Uncle Sam (finally!) starts minding his own business. Israel will hopefully be left extremely isolated in the Mideast once our reputation and ability to change events in the Mideast is destroyed. A chastened and humbled America is in the long-term interests of our great nation.

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