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View Diary: Fitzwalkerstan - How stupid are they? (229 comments)

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  •  The Will Of The People Only Matters To (17+ / 0-)

    small 'd' democrats.  They are fascists.

    I'm hoping that the Class of 2010 finally convinces voters that the GOP is utterly unAmerican.

    •  Saddly a third of the County is "unAmerican" (0+ / 0-)

      The type of people who belong to the Tea Party don't believe in a Democratic form of government. That believe that the end justifies the means and it is OK, to cheat, steal, lie, break the law - whatever is needed to get their way is fine with them.

      They like to think of themselves as freedom lovers because they have feel-good associations with the notion, but in reality that are utterly opposed to it. In their minds, you are only free to be exactly like them. They crave an authoritarium government that dictates everything because they stupidly believe it will only dictate things that themselves desire. And yes, most of them would be very unhappy if their wishes came true.

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