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View Diary: The Irrational Fear of Nukes - A German Perspective (262 comments)

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  •  Thanks for the kind words, Jose (0+ / 0-)

    As far as my writing, I was so traumatized by German high school where I always got bad grades in my writing classes that I needed to reinvent myself in another language. It sounds absurd, but there's some truth to it. They really weren't into creative writing so much, it was more about regurgitating the old masters, and I always had trouble understanding Kant, Goethe or Thomas Mann. So when I came to the US (thick accent at first) and my college professors were very forgiving of my bad grammar but enjoyed my prose I thought "wow, maybe there's hope for me." So it's been a 23 year transformation to get to this point where I can get published in English language magazines and hopefully finish my second book soon. I'm a late bloomer, but ultimately doing it in my second language has proven really helpful. It just adds another layer of understanding into the world of words.

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