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View Diary: House Republicans want to sic IRS on AARP (102 comments)

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  •  Old-news flash... (5+ / 0-) my neck of the woods a whole lot of teabagger types belong to unions; cops, fire, public works...

    I think there's a not-insignificant part of the teabagger base that is feeling rather gobsmacked these days.

    ...and that's no small part of why the overreaching has been messaged as teacher union busting, but the fall-out and collateral damage is unavoidably clear.  

    There are a few hyper-local blogs I read (very much on the neo-con/teabagger side of the aisle) who've had a whole lot of nothing much to say on the union busting because they were "hurrah-ing" the teabaggers during 2010 but can't find a way to now "hurrah" the busting of their own unions.

    It' delicious in its irony...

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