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  •  I said it before and I will say it again.... (4.00)
    Al Qaeda= Right Wing Radicals = Jim Jones Cult = Right Wing Fundamentalist = Taliban = Eric Rudolph = Right Wing Religious Radicals = Religious Death Cult = Modern Republican Party

    It is the exact same mind-set in all of these groups.  

    An example was a show on my local cable's public access station.
    They are always showing a few church services and different church programs on it.
    Anyway the other day there was some naval officer speaking to a church group.
    I tuned in for a few minutes and one of the things he said made my jaw drop.

    There he was in front of this church congregation and he said, "I actually sympathize with these Muslim men who find that western culture is so perverse. I understand why they would feel the need to take up arms against it."

     I was just floored that he did not see the treachery of statements.

    The Democrats really need to start showing the similarity of the current Republican ideology and Al Qaeda.  

    It is my hope that every time someone thinks of the phrase "Right-Wing" that "Al Qaeda" jumps into his or her mind.

    The Republicans did a great job of doing that with "Communism" and "Left-Wing".

    •  You and I (none)
      Must have been watching the same station. Our local access station has a tag team of crazed evangelical ministers screaming on and on about the evils of evolution, plus a veteran's show that spent most of last year trashing Kerry.

      Another Brian Schweitzer Deanocrat

      by Ed in Montana on Wed Mar 02, 2005 at 06:59:07 AM PST

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    •  From the Creativity web site: (none)
      Does this sound familiar?

      There are several reasons why we are convinced that we must have a religious base rather than a political party to do the job. (a) Religion embraces just about every aspect of a people's life--economies, morals, customs, law, government, education, eugenics, and above all, in our religion, the survival, expansion and advancement of our own race. (b) A political party, on the other hand, has a much narrower base. (c) Politics has a weaker appeal to an individual's loyalty. (d) Religion, on the other hand, has a much deeper and profound influence on the entire course of his life. (e) Furthermore, history shows that religions can and do last for thousands of years, whereas practically any other human organization, whether it be government, nations, financial corporations, political parties, or whatever, are relatively short lived...

      I agree that we don't know who committed the Lefkow murders, but we definitely need to be aware of what the disaffected white underclass is up to (and how easy they can be exploited).

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