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    We need to think this thing through.  A fully developed sense of ethics is one that can be applied to our worst enemies.  Whoever did this -- and I would guess it's a white racist -- is certainly our worst enemy, made all the worse for belonging to a group of terrorists that this racist government isn't interested in investigating.

    But wishing that this guy ends up in prison where the disgusting conditions of American prisons will be used against him is just, well, puerile.  We shouldn't be cheering the rape of anyone.

    As much as I want whoever did this dead, and to die horribly after a miserable life, what would that death and torture accomplish?  What political benefit would be derive from it?  What goal would we meet by letting this guy be murdered in a prison whose conditions we would otherwise be working to improve?

    we gonna smash their brains in / cause they ain´t got nofink in ´em -- Linton Kwesi Johnson

    by Karl the Idiot on Wed Mar 02, 2005 at 06:37:39 AM PST

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