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    Does this sound familiar?

    There are several reasons why we are convinced that we must have a religious base rather than a political party to do the job. (a) Religion embraces just about every aspect of a people's life--economies, morals, customs, law, government, education, eugenics, and above all, in our religion, the survival, expansion and advancement of our own race. (b) A political party, on the other hand, has a much narrower base. (c) Politics has a weaker appeal to an individual's loyalty. (d) Religion, on the other hand, has a much deeper and profound influence on the entire course of his life. (e) Furthermore, history shows that religions can and do last for thousands of years, whereas practically any other human organization, whether it be government, nations, financial corporations, political parties, or whatever, are relatively short lived...

    I agree that we don't know who committed the Lefkow murders, but we definitely need to be aware of what the disaffected white underclass is up to (and how easy they can be exploited).

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