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View Diary: UPDATED: American Legislative Exchange Council (ALEC) Releases FULL Donor and Membership Lists (53 comments)

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  •  MULTI-STATE ~45 Feb 2010 Signers of HC Repeal (1+ / 0-)
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    ALEC Members 45 Signers of Repeal Health Care February 2010

    Letter to President Obama

    “We are the sponsors of the Freedom of Choice in Health Care Act, an initiative by 36 states… (Break)   So while you discuss health reform solutions at Blair House tomorrow, we will pursue our own initiatives…”

    Representative Mac Gipson
    Alabama House District 88

    Representative Mike Kelly
    Alaska House District 7

    Representative Nancy Barto
    Arizona House District 7

    Representative Dan Greenberg
    Arkansas House District 31

    Representative Scott Plakon
    Florida House District 37

    Senator Judson Hill
    Georgia Senate District 32

    Representative Jim Clark
    Idaho House District 3

    Representative Cindy Noe
    Indiana House District 87

    Senator Mary Pilcher-Cook
    Kansas Senate District 10

    Representative Addia Wuchner
    Kentucky House District 66

    Senator Alex Mooney
    Maryland Senate District 3

    Delegate Christopher Shank
    Maryland House District 2B

    Senator Wayne Kuipers
    Michigan Senate District 30

    Representative Tom Emmer
    Minnesota House District 19B

    Representative Alex Monsour
    Mississippi House District 54

    Representative Tim Jones
    Missouri House District 89

    Senator Roy Brown
    Montana Senate District 25

    Representative Krayton Kerns
    Montana House District 58

    Representative Tom McGillvray
    Montana House District 50

    Representative Ken Peterson
    Montana House District 46

    Senator Jim Shockley
    Montana Senate District 45

    Representative Cary Smith
    Montana House District 55

    Senator Bruce Tutvedt
    Montana Senate District 3

    Representative Wendy Warburton
    Montana House District 34

    Senator Beau McCoy
    Nebraska Senate District 39

    Representative Andrew Renzullo
    New Hampshire House District 27

    Representative Keith Gardner
    New Mexico House District 66

    Representative Bill Sharer
    New Mexico Senate District 1

    Senator Phil Berger
    North Carolina Senate District 26

    Representative Blair Thoreson
    North Dakota House District 44

    Representative Ron Maag
    Ohio House District 35

    Representative Mike Ritze
    Oklahoma House District 80

    Representative Matt Baker
    Pennsylvania House District 68

    Senator Leo Blais
    Rhode Island Senate District 21

    Senator Mike Rose
    South Carolina Senate District 38

    Representative Phil Jensen
    South Dakota House District 33

    Representative Manny Steele
    South Dakota House District 12

    Representative Susan Lynn
    Tennessee House District 57

    Representative Carl Wimmer
    Utah House District 52

    Delegate Bob Marshall
    Virginia House District 13

    Senator Jill Vogel
    Virginia Senate District 27

    Representative Bill Hinkle
    Washington House District 13

    Senator Val Stevens
    Washington Senate District 39

    Delegate Jonathan Miller
    West Virginia Delegate District 53

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