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    Teaching a child math is not simply about teaching them to add, subtract and/or do geometry.  We are also teaching them to face a problem and work it out. Not just math, but any problem they will face in the 1 to 60 years after they leave HS.

    Lost in all of this discussion is the fact that education is not simply about stuffing children's brains with immutable 'facts', but about teaching them how to think for themsevles; how to face a problem, seek out and understand the information they need and come to an informed conclusion.

    This is because education is central to a functioning democracy. So the 'mystical' end of education is the development of an informed citizenry capable of participating in the decisions made in society.

    These standardized tests promote intellectual stupification, they destroy critical thinking and writing skills and - most of all - teach students, teachers and administrators that gaming the system is the key to life's rewards.  

    It is the antithesis of education. This is about creating worker drones, who don't question anything and - at best - learn how to work a system for their selfish benefit.  

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