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View Diary: Group Recalling one of the Wisconsin 14 may have already started paying canvassers. (EDITED!) (27 comments)

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    progressivebadger, Arahahex

    And I think the diary could use something from the article, better letting those of us not from WI know who's who, and also verifying the "rumor" of the R's paying for recall signatures against the D,  Hansen.

    Also, I read the reader comments from that article, and there are some good quotes that would hearten the Dems:

    kim · 3 hours ago
    It's interesting that this article hints at both recalls paying their canvassers but only actually states that those working the Hansen (D) recall are.
    "The recall Hansen group is even looking to pay people to collect signatures. In a Craigslist ad they posted, they offer 50 cents a signature saying there is an unlimited short term earning potential." It never outright says that the Recall Cowles (R) is paying their canvassers. And according to those posting comments- they aren't getting paid for the Cowles canvassing. That seems to mean the only ones that need to be paid to do the recalls are the Repulicans trying to oust one of our Dem 14.  

    another new dem · 3 hours ago
    That is right...get outside of Madison and Milwaukee, and what do you see?? Kapanke recalled for a start, Hopper soon to follow, and Lazich and Olsen and Harnsdorf running scared. I am sure Cowles will be recalled as well. My opinion is, if the Republicans were doing so well in their recall efforts, why hire outside agencies and pay people to get signatures and for their signature? I think they know they are on the wrong side of history. I was one of those in Kapanke's district who was canvassing...out of the 15 days that I got signatures, I only had 4 people refuse! And 2 of those were openly hostile...but I am an adult and wear my big girl panties with pride...I was able to 'turn the other cheek' and wish them a good day, even when one threatened me. Ended up getting, in small towns only---over 300 signatures myself alone. And I didn't go door to door either, just parked my car in town and set up shop. It was soo easy!! And now, seeing that I have completed my obligation to get the recall on my senator, I will assist other groups trying to get the recall on theirs.

    And to think...I wasn't even a democrat before all this began....or a union member either. Husband and I have a small business, pay for our own insurance and pensions. So guess what?? It is NOT about the unions at all, is it?? That was always a red herring the Republicans use to inflame their base, but most of us with an ounce of intelligence can see through that one.

    Of course, there are the requisite crappy RW replies (all above these), but the ones above by Kim and another new dem are followed by more that are positive above the Democrats and their efforts with the recalling of Repubulicans...Good reading :)

    "Democrats. If they agreed with each other, they would be Republicans."--Will Rogers

    by DianeNYS on Sat Apr 02, 2011 at 11:32:46 AM PDT

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      I was thinking of originally adding a few quotes myself, but I was debating on which ones in particular. In addition, I was going to put the article where they said they would get the signatures by any means possible.

      I think next time if I do a post, I will have to verify who is who, likely with the case of Robert Cowles (R) or Dave Hansen (D), while bolding some particular quotes.

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