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View Diary: Business Owners speak: Tax Cuts don't Create Jobs -- they Create Deficits (137 comments)

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  •  Demand creates jobs. Govt spending creates demand. (2+ / 0-)
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    Catte Nappe, jamess

    Republicans talk like money spent by the government just disappears into the ether. (Well, some of it does--like bundles of cash handed out to private contractors in Iraq, but I digress . . . )
    Most government spending either goes to workers and retirees who then spend it in their local economies. Or the government buys goods and services, thereby creating jobs in the businesses that provide those goods and services.
    My small business, for instance. My sales of books to school districts has declined drastically over the past few years--public schools have no money for anything except the approved texts for teaching to the test. And now, oh joy, we have the prospect of Federal shutdown leading to closing of the Federal parks, where many of the books I publish are sold in visitors centers.
    I'll survive--I'm more bothered by the prospect of people not being able to visit the National Parks. But these Repub blatherers really don't know or care anything about real-life small business.

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