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  •  We are not investors. (1+ / 0-)
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    We, the taxpaying public, do not expect a return on our investment. We are not seeking monetary rewards. The difference is crucial, equivocating on the terms does not help. I understand that in the consumer culture meanings have been blurred. We are asked to "invest" in expensive consumer goods. I am using the terms in their strict sense. With privatization the funding base will still be public, that's the point of vouchers, it is the profits that will be private.

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    by Azazello on Sun Apr 03, 2011 at 09:09:15 PM PDT

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      to do with Duncan's quote. He wasn't saying anything about vouchers at all.   I do feel that I am "invested" in public education even though our family did not make use of it for our own children ( we are freedom-loving unschoolers).  I believe most people have some sense that if they are paying taxes for public schools they have some say in the process, that is why citizens can be on school boards, school councils, etc.  If local schools are really crappy people feel they are not getting an appropriate return on the taxes they have invested in the process.  

      Personally, I think that for-profit education is likely to run towards corruption of the true mission and not likely to be as successful at holding true to the educational mission as non-profit private or public approaches.  This is based on experience with non-profit systems in rehab and healthcare compared with for-profit systems.  My last two jobs have been in for-profit healthcare companies (home health and a hospital) and I would much prefer to be working for a non-profit instead as my spouse does (at an Easter Seal Center).  

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