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View Diary: Artifical Trees could assist in the Carbon Capture and Storage of CO2 (56 comments)

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  •  It's good that they're working on a piece of this (2+ / 0-)

    puzzle, but the geological carbon sequestration looks expensive, impractical, and not likely to occur on large scales in the near future. From the few projects which have been done so far, it is very hard to judge the stability of such systems long term. I think options like biochar are probably cheaper and simpler in the near future. It also solves many other problems, including improving soil fertility without chemical fertilizers, removing excess fuel from forest fire areas, and possibly getting some carbon neutral biomass power out of the process. I'd put my money there first.

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    by tekno2600 on Mon Apr 04, 2011 at 10:47:36 AM PDT

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