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View Diary: Artifical Trees could assist in the Carbon Capture and Storage of CO2 (56 comments)

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    sources are near urban areas that were deforested a long time ago, lots of dirt has been turned into concrete and circumstances aren't conducive to being able to create sufficiently large forests.   Much can be done with smaller scale plantings and I would support that to help, but it can't sequester enough, fast enough.

    Artificial trees around industrial parks, power plants and urbanized areas could soak up a lot of carbon with less space used.

    People tend to approach life as a bunch of either/ors.   A multiple pronged approach, urban oasis plantings, rooftop gardens, artificial tree forests, reforestation in more rural areas with deciduous trees in appropriate climates can all be part of a short term solution to what is a long term problem.  If the carbon can be recycled to useful products, so much the better.

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