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    My neighbor wants a place to live and raise his family?  Or my neighbor wants a house free and clear no strings attached?  Those are two entirely different unrelated scenarios.  I never indicated that people shouldn't have the option to stay in their houses.

    Yet I'm being accused of envy, anger, and being played like a teabagger in a thread where some posters take vicarious thrills at extracting vengeance on banks thinking it won't come back around?  My chosen morality is more along the lines of making sure that if and when a house is 'given away', it's perpetually 'given away' and not cashed in, so I guess I'm more of a socialist than a teabagger.

    The parable quoted somewhere above about workers showing up at 7:00 AM getting paid same as workers showing up at 4:00 PM...
    Works for one, exactly one, day.  On day two, the employer gets a bunch of idealists in the morning and the rest at 4:00 PM.  Day 3, work starts at 4:00 PM for everyone.  Same as we got with the Wall Street bond, CMO, CDS, etc. traders after financial industry deregulation and cheap money.

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      not the only one to pointed this out to you? It isnt some sort of personal attack on you it is a recognition of reality.

      There was a probably really wonderful woman who posted here a year ago or so. About how sometimes it made her very angry sitting in her air conditioned office on the university campus that the workers outside with shovels digging in the sun probably made as much as her and it wasnt fair. .. same thing.

      Thats the stage one personality trait that allows the gop to win. That allows you to be gamed. Its' the monkey unwilling to let go of the banana in the jar and secure his freedom.

      That neighbor of yours you are so angry at envious of and feel such superiority towards. First he could only be in that position because the bank attempted to rob him. But youre ok with that. In your mind you cannot punish the bank because "they'll make us pay".. the mindset of a lifelong victim. But if a few neighbors need to be sacrificed for that bank? Or if you need to take some of that neighbors taxes AFTER telling the bank it keeps the property to make sure the bank doesnt fail?

      Rather than noting that your neighbor was forced to bail out those banks. That he was due to their corrupting influence in DC was making FAR less than he should. That his children may not go to college because he's forced at the barrel of a gun to serve in a corrupt system. That he's forced to pay for wars he hates. Is forced to buy chinese products he reviles. That he has to pay 22% interest on a credit card because his daughter needed a root canal and the bank has legislators in its pocket allowing 22% interest (on money they borrow from the FED.. ie him). Youre ok with all that.

      But it deeply offends you someone who is NOT corrupting the system specifically to fuck you over may get lucky as a result of bad people trying to rip him off. .that offends you...???

      Youre not quite the moral person you think. Youre simply someone who finds the thought of someone else at the bottom of the pecking order possibly gaining an inch on your presumed position there horrific.

      Read up on sociological studies of pecking orders. I'm completely serious. It might open your mind to how we all get played. Our social systems are no different than that of the crow or blackbird. And those at the top know how to use that to get people to do just what you are doing.

      A man is born as many men but dies as a single one.--Martin Heidegger

      by cdreid on Tue Apr 05, 2011 at 08:39:48 AM PDT

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