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    I think it's come as a shock, even if it's a pleasant shock to people with my bias against the banks, that judges have awarded houses to buyers. Maybe the particulars are that they've done it in cases where the buyer has paid for many years and then lost a job, or maybe it's in cases where the bank has totally loaded up the adjustable rate and disabled a buyer that was current and responsible and could easily continue at the previous rate.

    And maybe it's that the judge is just fed up and angry that these large, prominent banks are showing up with shoddy paperwork, arrogantly assuming they'll get their way because they're prominent banks.

    I don't know. But I don't think we're seeing a gigantic number of Americans winding up with free homes because they won the lottery in a courtroom. I'm guessing the bank really had to make the judge vindictively furious for this to happen.

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