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  •  This is why people vote (2+ / 0-)
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    the tmax, neroden

    for Republicans. Honestly, it is.

    All they want is for SOMETHING to get done. They don't want somebody who's an ideologue. And frankly, most Republicans don't come off that way, not during the campaign. They talk about making choices, and fixing things, and doing what it takes to make things work.

    But they NEVER get into specifics. NEVER. And their priorities are WAY different than most of the general public. Once in office, that becomes PAINFULLY clear.

    People understand that sometimes fees need to go up. Taxes need to be raised. The govt has a lot of ways to do that, and many of them don't have to hurt the average guy a whole lot.

    But drastically cutting services because you don't want to increase taxes by $2/mo/yr/quarter, or because you don't want to raise a fee by $20 is ASININE. And to cut taxes by a tiny amount because you THINK it's going to 'put money in people's pockets' is even MORE asinine.

    Giving me another $2/wk isn't going to change my life. But if you give me $2/wk, chances are you're giving the richest more like $200/wk or more.

    If I don't need it that much, THEY sure as hell don't.

    If you can't give me a chunk at once, DON'T EVEN BOTHER. Really. I'd much rather you give EVERYBODY $1000 than change a tax rate.

    It will equal out in the end, and the guy on the lower end will be MUCH more grateful than the millionaire.

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