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View Diary: Is the Risk of Budget Compromise Acceptable to Democrats ? -- Part I: Threat to Economic Recovery (7 comments)

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    At this point many of the details of the potential compromise are not known; that is, which exact programs will be cut and by how much.  It is fair to assume that many of the programs that GOP wants to reduce funding for will be reduced by smaller amounts (possibly 50% smaller, it probably varies from program to program).  

    Part II of this post describes many of the programs and agencies targeted by GOP.  These targeted programs are also described in the second section of my previous post in Daily Kos "Rival Fiscal Agendas Threaten Government Shutdown" of March 16; which is referenced in this post and labeled as refer1 (go there and click on it)

    Once the $33 billion budget cut deal is closed (if it does), all the details of the specific cuts will become available.

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