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  •  This Churchill ass-clown (none)
    keeps digging his hole deeper.

    First of all, if there is evil in the world, America has no monopoly on it.  Shit, at least the grand mass of Americans is opposed to oppression, torture, censorship, lack of due process, violations of civil rights, rigged elections, wanton pillage, war as conquest built on lies...

    ...the people that died on 9/11 included many stock brokers and investment bankers that could be accused of being enablers of some the more destructive American foreign policies and financial arrangements...

    ...but none of them ever pushed papers across their desk that helped coordinate the intentional genocide of a sub-population of people.

    His effort to place moral culpability for the equivalent of genocide on to our government...and by extension the little banal minions that carry out our government's unconvincing.

    Insofar as it has any resonance at all, (and it still has little), it has only been since 9/11 that America has come to more nearly resemble our historic enemies than...itself.

    Coming attractions...Get ready for the great unveiling of the next great Scoop site:

    by BooMan23 on Wed Mar 02, 2005 at 07:09:17 PM PST

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