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  •  I am not afraid, (none)
          to defend Churchill.
    Our policies in the Middle East, did cause the deaths, of hundreds of thousands, of Arab children.
         The attack on the World Trade Center, was motivated by revenge.
         As a country, we did know, {prior to the attack on the World Trade Center}that Saddam's regime was brutal.
          We knew about the torture, we knew about the rape-rooms, we knew about all of it. And we couldn't have cared less. After Desert storm, we "packed-up," and left.
          The Iraq's were, "on their own."
    After the attack on the World Trade Center, though,{and their stunning and unbelieveable inability to locate Bin Ladin (whom we aren't even looking for, any more) the adminstration changed their tune.
          All of a sudden, the "sake and safety" of the Iraqi people, was of paramount importance.
         Where all of this concern and compassion, for the poor Iraqi's was, prior to the attack on the World Trade Center, I really don't know.
          So yes, I will defend, Ward Churchill. Just like me, he is entitled to his opinion. The republicans, are trying to destroy, "Freedom of speech". They have not been entirely successful, yet. They are still, in the "bullying" stages.
          However, I would caution, that Churchill does not speak for the entire Left.
          But Ward churchill, does have the right to his opinion.
          When republicans, "paint all of us with the same brush," we should repay in kind.
          We should ask Gibbons and Santorum, if the toddlers of the Liberals, should be used as "suicide bombers." As Anne Coulter, suggests.
         Then we should ask, other republican legislators, just what legislation they intend to sponsor,to turn Democrats/Liberals, into human shields, in Iraq?
         It is time, we used their own tactics, against them. That would certainly leave them with very little to say, in their own behalfs.
          We must present a "united" front. They should be confronted, on every word they say.
          When they speak publicly, they should be protested. We should be a constant, opposing, presence. We should be "legal", we should be "present", and we should be "vocal." Every single time.

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