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View Diary: The truth about the Yankee plutocracy's class war on the American working class (UPDATED) (120 comments)

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  •  we attended another we are one event (15+ / 0-)

    yesterday late afternoon; on a four way intersection outside of historic, gangridden newburgh, ny, on the west side of the hudson river;

    there were hundreds of us on three of the corners, maybe more than a thousand all told;

    most of the crowd were young men from various unions, and teachers; there were a few naacp people with mlk signs (especially moving to think of him on such a day); everyone was good natured and gratified by the responses from the thousand of honking cars and trucks passing, the tractor-trailers making those long loud reverberating sounds;

    this went on all over america

    i don't access msm, so don't know if this is being covered

    but those of us who are taking part are confident we'll wake up the numbers; the arab courage and bravery are helping too, i think

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