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View Diary: Ryan's new welfare queens: Medicaid recipients (123 comments)

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  •  She will not lose the SS bennies (2+ / 0-)
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    tardis10, cassandracarolina

    for her kids if she gets a job.  As long as they stay in school, she collects them until they are 21, 18 if they do not go to college.

    So, a job would actually allow her to rent a decent apartment in this area.  She could save for a better car.

    She won't.  That's the point.  

    •  You got the ages wrong. (2+ / 0-)
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      PsychoSavannah, tardis10

      Social Security has a cap called the "family maximum" that is a limit on the total benefits that the family as a whole can receive.   Total benefits are comprised of benefits paid to all survivors up to the maximum benefit each individual is entitled to. If the sum of all those beneftis exceeds the "family maximum" the cap comes into play, and the amount paid to the family unit is limited to the cap.  Individual benefits have specific age related terminating events.  Her mother's benefit ceases when the youngest child reaches age 16.  The child's benefits end at age 18, unless still in high school.  If still in high school, the kid can continue to receive benefits till age 19.  Then everything stops.  The child's benefit that used to continue till age 21 if the child was in school was abolished years ago.  Who needs college?

      There are other factors that may affect termination or continuation of benefits, but those are the general rules.

      •  Thank's been years (1+ / 0-)
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        since I was a survivor's benefit recipient when my mother died....and the Army sent my old man back to Viet Nam a week later for his second tour.  My mom had worked for 8 months at the time.

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