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  •  One question, and it's honestly not to antagonize (0+ / 0-)

    ...but do you know if this family had any relatives or friends who worked at Wal-Mart, Game Stop, EB Games, or any other electronics store where they could get deep discounts, and sometimes even promotional "freebies"? A lot of America's working poor work in the service and retail sectors, where the pay is horribly low, but the little perks (such as merchandise/food discounts or freebies) can be nice, albeit picayune in the grander scheme of things.

    A lot of people in the working poor or lower-middle classes often form informal communities around getting more and improving their lives in some material way for less money, whether it is via coupons, discount bartering (Ms. A. the nail technician will do your nails if you give her son a Toys R Us discount), babysitting rings, and so on. It really made my anger shoot through the roof when I read an anti-immigration screed from one of my right-wing cousins, who sent around some spam email "testimonial" from some asshole who was criticizing an immigrant "welfare queen" for picking up a check when "she must've had her nails done someplace fancy, 'cuz they looked REALLY NICE."

    I mean, srsly? There's just no other possible way their kids could've gotten their techno-toys via an honest means of discount other than plunking full price on said tech gadgets? The other alternative would be that they stole these goods, and if so, they'd be guilty of felony crimes, not welfare leeching, and could and should go to prison.

    I'll give you the notion that the woman you describe sounds like a shitty parent and person to boot. Unfortunately, the world is full of them, and they come in all socioeconomic backgrounds (look at the Bush and Cheney kids, for example). However, the reason you (and many voters who swallow the Republican bullshit) observe these people in the poor communities is that there are simply MORE POOR PEOPLE in this country - disproportionally more poor people than wealthy or even middle-class.

    You might want to be more careful not to tar an entire group of people with a handful of losers who subsist on learned dependence and laziness. One of my friends volunteered for the Homeless Coalition here in Tampa recently, and after talking to many, many homeless people when they did their on-the-ground surveys, the NUMBER ONE thing the homeless people asked for was a job.

    "How screwed up are we as a society when providing access to health care brings on murderous rage?" - Susan S

    by boofdah on Tue Apr 05, 2011 at 02:12:12 PM PDT

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    •  First, I don't swallow the (1+ / 0-)
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      republican bullshit.  I do have a problem with people that will not try.   I have worked my whole life to help people make their life better.

      Why do you search so hard for excuses?  Why do so many here search for a reason why this family is lazy?   It's not just because they are "poor"....I know plenty of poor people who clean their house, make sure their kids' homework is done and use the underground economy you mention.  Their kids are respectful and don't break everything they touch.  Despite a lack of money, priorities are in tact.

      This family (and others JUST like them)  wouldn't BE poor if they stopped squandering their money on video games instead of a roof and running water.   There were times when the mom dropped two of her kids at our house with a Game Stop bag and two or three BRAND new games in it!  her car would be belching black smoke and she just dropped off $100 worth of useless plastic with her kids as she headed to the food bank!  And they are not the only ones.  What are we supposed to do with these people?  Keep supporting them?  Keep catching them when they make no effort at all to change?

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