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  •  Yep (4.00)
    I know.  But it's such a great word to describe the full-court press necessary to push back against the right wing propoganda machine.

    Sort of like Kleenex.


    •  Yeah (4.00)
      It does sound like thousands of small but venomous biting insects- a unique torture for those overblown bullies!

      I went back to Ohio.....

      by BlueGoo on Wed Mar 02, 2005 at 02:02:12 PM PST

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    •  Might want to add this Gibbons link to your diary (none)
      Dont remember where I found this, but posted this account of the Gibbons attack on another board this afternoon, and then I hop over here and see it is being discussed.This article seems to have a more comprehensive display of Gibbons' repulsive statements than the others Ive seen linked here.

      I used it earlier in response to a poster's assertion that it is the liberal wing of the Dems which is ruining our chances, and we must compromise and not be negative toward the BushFans (eg, those in Red State Tour who say they voted Bush and cant even recall his opponent's name; who voted Bush cause hubby said to; who voted Bush because he is such a glowing man of God; blah blah.)  

      I found much in the article disgusting, like Gibbons whipping up the crowd for WWlll, which is his view of of our noble fighting in Iraq ... I am sure he is lusting for more nations to bomb, as WWlll surely must involve more dead bodies than the current 100,000+ tally. This blinkered US rep is going on like the infamous antiDean Club for Growth Oldsters, but instead of Volvo-driving and Latte-drinking, his antiLiberal smears of choice are the oh-so-horrid and unpatriotic behaviors below.

      I say we tell those liberal, tree-hugging, Birkenstock-wearing, hippie, tie-dyed liberals to go make their movies and their music and whine somewhere else," Gibbons said to another burst of applause.

      Yeah, we are the ones who are too derisive of the Right.


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